Gatsby’s Cover Appeal


Check out the last page of today’s New York Times Style Magazine. There you will find a sampling of the late Matthew J. Bruccoli’s collection of  covers of The Great Gatsby – foreign and domestic editions. It includes Francis Coradal-Cugat’s original cover art (right). We are told this collection is priceless. But Bruccoli, the scholar and F. Scott Fitzgerald biographer, said that he didn’t collect these iconic images to make a killing: “You don’t buy books as an investment. You buy them because it gives you pleasure to read them, to touch them…to see them on shelves.” Oh, how an e-book reader falls short! Baz Luhrmann’s very jazzy version of “The Great Gatsby” comes to the screen May 10.

One thought on “Gatsby’s Cover Appeal

  1. I read all of Fitzgerald’s books and stories last summer. I kept plowing through all of them although I knew that they were not going to end well. Being a drunk can be helpful but perhaps he took that a bit too far. And, hey, there is a new Gatsby movie coming out with DiCaprio.

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