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Never Leave Home Without Them...My Moleskine Cahiers, repositories for  blog posting thoughts. A Diana Vreeland quote, from the "Eye has to Travel," is scrawled across an index card during a cahier-missig moment!

Never Leave Home Without Them…My Moleskine Cahiers, repositories for blog posting thoughts. A Diana Vreeland quote, from the “Eye has to Travel,” is scrawled across an index card during a cahier-missing moment!

I always pounce on the Wall Street Journal’s “Weekend Edition” to zero in on its  “Off Duty” and “Review” sections, gems for the culturally curious. This weekend did not disappoint for there was the novelist and essayist Paul Theroux penning the “Word Craft” column, specifically opining on why he spends “nearly all of my traveling life with a notebook in one hand and a pen in the other.”

Oh happy day, another note-taker and one of literary fame. Leave the computer (and a host of other electronic devices he lists) at home, Theroux urges: “No electronics…just ink and paper.” And love this: “A notebook takes on a friendly character, the patina of its daily use, its doodles and coffee stains. It becomes an indispensable artifact of the trip, glowing with revelation.”

And speaking of trips, “The Last Train to Zona Verde: My Ultimate African Safari,” Theroux’s latest odyssey, hits bookstores Tuesday.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 3.49.27 PM

Theroux may be the ultimate traveling man, as evidenced by his writings. Maybe it’s the Cancerian in me, but I’m a nester and always feel just a little bit off when I’m not writing in that room of my own, surrounded by my stuff  – photos, file folders, chotskies and books galore.

Some of my stuff in the room of my own

Some of my stuff in A Room of My Own

2 thoughts on “Take Note

  1. Just discovered Theroux this winter. Our daughter, a writer, has always raved about him, so I plunged in. For pages and pages I was on a train traveling east through countries I have never been. More enchanted by the realistic description of these places than the travel brochures. Ready for my second trip with him after I finish Freedom.

    I am writing a book about writing and its role in learning. So I am an advocate for the pen and paper, to heck with the texting and the email. No room for thinking in between trying to make the message soooooo brief. What do you think?

    Thanks, Pamela, for reminding me.

  2. I have two moleskins in my bag, one for book and film recommendations, and one for notes taken whilst out and about.
    Bill and I are about to walk the Wild and Scenic Rogue, 40 miles. We are writing our lists and yes, a little notebook needs to be on it. Moleskin… love ’em. Good reminder, thanks.

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