A Diamond in the Rough

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 2.49.07 PM

Sally Jewell enjoying the great outdoors

You may remember hearing about Sally Jewell, the former REI head who was confirmed last month as Secretary of the Interior.  This certainly seems like a wise choice for those of us who cherish the environment. I particularly bonded with her take on various subjects as noted in an interview in today’s New York Times.  Specifically…

*I generally read for learning and inspiration and not so much for recreation.

* I have a very hard time sitting still watching a movie or watching TV. I prefer getting out into nature. And you have a relationship with people that is different when you connect in a natural setting…There will be more meetings at Interior that are outside instead of inside, if I have anything to do with it.

photo 2

Me, brother-in-law Bill and sister-in-law Jane hiking in Yorkshire, England last summer

PS–It’s volunteer madness time right now so posting is sporadic at best. Just didn’t want you who are pining for my prose to think I had abandoned the Good Ship Golden Oldy. Hope to be sailing on those frothy seas soon.

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