Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…

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You may have heard about the flooding in Colorado. Jack and Phoebe, hunkering down in our cabin, are high and dry — just suffering from – well – Cabin Fever. Roads down the mountain to Boulder are cut-off and there is no phone service as of last night, but yesterday Jack did manage to snap and send these photos of the creek that runs at the bottom of a hill behind our cabin. First shot shows Phoebe’s swimming hole. When I left, 5 days ago, it had dried to a small puddle. Second shot is of a bridge Jack built a few years ago, holding its own against the flood tide!!

On a brighter, dryer note back on the Vineyard, yesterday I wandered over to my friend Tim’s house which he has transformed into a tidy jewel from its previous rundown, piggy state. Here, just a taste of its charm, looking out from his kitchen window.
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2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…

  1. Wow. Feels like I’m right there above the flood. I hope Jack can get out soon. Great photos… and I’m glad you’re home safe and sound.

  2. Hi Bootie, Wow! I bet you’re glad to be in the Vineyard! How are Stephanie, John Gordon and Zach all doing? Just got back from visit to Maine & NH yesterday and have been out of it on news, but did hear about flooding in CO. I recognized the swimming hole right away – yikes! Sure hope Jack is keeping Phoebe up the hill.

    Had a lovely day with Abby, Bob & boys – and got to see Josh, Lisa and Gus briefly. Unfortunately, I’m not on the ball with photos and took none of Gus! Here’s one of Sam with cookies he baked for me (9 yrs old) and Abby’s childhood pal, Wendy. Very sweet.

    > >

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