Charmed, I’m sure…

A Charmed Vineyard Life

A Charmed Vineyard Life

Verdura's yellow gold charmer with faceted colored gemstones, $23,500

Verdura’s yellow gold charmer with faceted colored gemstones, $23,500

Fido a glitter in white gold, diamonds and tsayorites, $2,250

Tiffany’s Fido a glitter in white gold, diamonds and tsayorites, $2,250

Looks like the charm bracelet is getting some play again. Look at these pricey sparklers! In Rebecca C. Tuite’s recently published book,”Seven Sisters Style,” the charm bracelet has a supporting role. Tuite reports it was a must-have accessory for the look once seen parading around the campuses of a group of East Coast colleges known as the Seven Sisters including Radcliffe, Smith, Vassar and Wellesley. “It was so representative of Seven Sisters style,” notes Tuite. I did not attend any of the “Sisters” – not with my SAT scores – but I did own a charm bracelet in my youth. Have no idea where it traveled to or remember any of the charms on it.

“The most irresistible and alluring thing about a charm bracelet is its ability to tell a story unique to its owner,” says jewelry designer Tracey Zabar who authored the book, “Charmed Bracelets.” “Charm bracelets chronicle small moments in a life lived.” True.

After moving to Martha’s Vineyard, I revisited the charm bracelet thanks to Jack who gave me one. Call it my Vineyard Charmer, top photo. There they are, dangling childhood memories from a life partially lived on this wonderful Island. I look at the “Entering Edgartown” sign and remember the excitement of crossing over the Edgartown line when arriving for the summer. To this day, the Edgartown lighthouse makes me misty-eyed. But the real flood gates opened the day the beloved ferry, Islander, made its last crossing from the Vineyard to Woods Hole in 2007. I sobbed dockside. The faded color photo of my mother and I on the Islander’s deck in the late Fifties came into focus as I watched another remnant of my childhood fade from view.

A Charming Group decades ago

A Charming Group decades ago

One thought on “Charmed, I’m sure…

  1. Great piece Bomber!!! Anytime one passed the ‘Entering Edgartown’ sign, they knew they had entered paradise and; of course, the reciprocal applied upon seeing the ‘Entering Oak Buffs’ sign on the way off the Island. The Islander was the Peter Pan ride; it took you to Never Never Land. Great memories!!!

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