Switch off Twitch!

What I'm not watching now

What I’m not watching now

Curious why Amazon would shell out $1.1 billion for Twitch.tv I read what David Carr had to say about Twitch in the 9/1/2014 The New York Times. As Carr says, here we have a “new level of remove:” people go to twitch.tv to watch people watching people play video games. True, the last frontier I would cross online is to a video game. But I just don’t get this new attraction which has become “the country’s 4th largest user of internet bandwidth.” So, is this why my computer is so pokey? But I am alone. Look at the number of viewers to the sites in the visual above from twitch.tv.

Below is the current “Chosen One” on Twitch, one Chris “HuK” Loranger, “a professional StarCraft2 Protoss player for Evil Geniuses.” Is this Chris’ day job? Twitch urges us to “rush in HuK’s channel.” And if you click on the link provided, you can chat live, too. No thanks, I’ll pass.

"Huk," The Chosen One

“HuK,” The Chosen One

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