Swept Away…

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I was prepared for a high grump experience. Don’t most appliance repair sagas end on a low note? Can’t get the part, weeks go by without word and OMG the bill. Second mortgage time.

So, I ventured to Cape Cod Vacuum prepared for more of the same. One of our summer renters had broken the hose connector attachment, rendering our workhorse Miele useless. It was due for maintenance as well.

I arrived at the Mashpee store as Bob, my hero, was opening up. The place was spotless – sparkling vacuums lined up like soldiers ready to do carpet battle. Yes, we have the part and oh, let me show you where the filters go. They were reversed, of course. Bob patiently explained about the maintenance and when our Miele would be ready – in three days. AND IT WAS!!! Forget Walmart, Target, Amazon. After our Mighty M has sucked its last dog hair, I’m heading right to Bob for Miele 2.

Why rhapsodize about a vacuum repair emporium you ask? Why not!! We live in an easy-come world where soon Apple’s Apple Pay will enable people to pay for every day goods with their smartphone. Apps could regularly replace checks, cash and credit cards. But getting good service? There’s no app for that. So, attention must be paid when it comes your way.

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