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My arduous journey to the blogosphere began on a  steamy July day in 1968 when I walked through the revolving doors of Fairchild Publications to toil as a $100-a-week reporter for Women’s Wear Daily. No air conditioning, fine; manual typewriters, sure; rotary dial phones, OK. It was HOME.

Loved the folks, the silliness and the daily grind of newspapering. Stayed for 20+ years.

Now with a Medicare card to call my own and the clock ticking methinks it’s time to stick my reluctant toe into Social Media waters. Why? The obvious:  I want to communicate with like-minded souls, learn from them. Traveling the Senior Highway can be bumpy – always better to share the ride.


Top: Taking time to smell the flowers at Vita Sackville-West’s garden at Sissinghurst Castle, Kent, England, September 2012

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